2019-20 Program & Ministry Brochure

This brochure is a collaborative offering from both St. Aidan’s United and CBUC, please make note of which campus the program you are interested is being offered at. 

Spiritual Practices

  • Date: Thursdays
    Time: 8:00am – 9:00am
    Room: Narthex
    Leadership: Eileen Campbell (ecchome@shaw.ca)
    Place: Campus CBUC

    Here you find yourself beginning in a quiet circle, letting go of the inner noise of your mind and spirit.  A passage of scripture or reading is read. Silence follows and you let the words just sink in.  The passage is read again … words are shared that connect with you. Silence again… the reading is read a third time…after another time of silence, people around the circle are invited to share what thoughts, images or words engaged them in the readings and silence. Spirit evokes a response which is shared. You rise refreshed and challenged. Coffee and tea time follows.

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  • Date: Tuesdays
    Time: 10:30am – 11:30am
    Room: Chapel
    Leadership: Moira Wightman (250-477-7689)
    Place: Campus St. A

    Come and sit in sacred stillness. Christian meditation (www.wccm.org) is based on an old tradition dating back to the 4th Century. Sit quietly, listen to music, hear a short recorded talk and then enter into 20mins of contemplative silence. This method of meditation involves repeating a word(s) in an attempt to draw us away from our own thoughts and concerns to attain harmony of body, mind and spirit. All faiths are welcome!

  • Cadboro Bay & St. Aidan’s United Offers: weekly appointments for spiritual direction that are open to all They use a variety of spiritual practices to deepen the path you want to explore. Spiritual direction using deep listening, contemplative prayer and silence rather than therapeutic techniques. Sessions are private and confidential For an appointment please call the CBUC office 250-477-2715 or the St. Aidan’s office 250-477-2089

  • Date: Mondays & Thursdays
    Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm 
    Room: Hall
    Place: Campus CBUC

    The labyrinth is an ancient walking meditation tool open to all who are seeking spiritual deepening. Name a question or wonder as you enter and then walk the path to the center. Or you can use it to simply empty your mind and soul of the noise and static and return to a place of grounded peace.  Music for mediation is available if you wish. Other times can also be offered, just speak with the office for availability

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  • Date:  1st & 3rd Sundays
    Time: 9:00am – 9:30am
    Room: Chapel
    Facilitator: Betty Anne Dempsey (250-208-4394)
    Place: Campus St. A

    This time begins with a quiet reflection, a short reading followed by 30mins of silent contemplation with quiet background music. We end in prayer. It is a time to just “be”, embraced by the Holy

  • Date:  Tuesdays
    Time: 9:30am – 10:30am
    Room: Sanctuary
    Facilitator: Eileen Campbell (ecchome@shaw.ca)
    Place: Campus CBUC

    Would you like to try Tai Chi? The type of Tai Chi is called Tai Chi Chih which is a simple, gentle, form introduced in 1974. There is no cost for the program and you are welcome to bring friends. Wear comfortable clothing, no special gear needed. We begin with a self massage and some stretches then move into the Tai Chi form. You do not have to know the positions.

Exploring Our Faith - Adult Study & Reflection Groups

  • This is a conversation and study series that happens in blocks as outlined below. You are welcome to come for the whole series or for any part that you are able to attend. We know that other commitments can sometimes interfere with regular participation and so this casual study atmosphere enables people to partake in the conversation and exploration, as they are able.

    Session 1: The Lord’s Prayer – Praying for Revolution
    Date: Sept 19 – Oct 24 (6 sessions)
    An exploration of the radical nature of the Lord’s Prayer, it’s history, challenges and  an invitation

    Session 2: Companioning Death
    Date: Nov 14-28 (3 sessions)
    Most of us will experience times when we will be asked to companion a loved one through dying. We will explore the ministry of presence, vulnerability, grace and self-care.

    Session 3: Massey Lecture #1 – The Return of History: Jennifer Welsh
    Date: Jan 9 – Feb 6 (5 sessions)
    When we do not learn the lessons of history we are bound to repeat the mistakes. Historian Jennifer Welsh reminds us of the current political realities that have lessons from the past that we have not integrated.

    Session 4:  Massey Lecture #2 – Power Shift: The longest revolution –  Sally Armstrong
    Date: Feb 13-Mar 12 (5 sessions)
    An exploration of a women’s place in the world today. A journalist and human rights activist Sally argues that the future of humanity depends on the equal status of women and girls.

    Session 5:  Encounters with the Spirit
    Dates: Mar 19- Apr 2 (3 sessions)
    What does it mean or look like, to have encounters with the Spirit of God?  We will look at historical and biblical stories of such as well as have a chance to tell some of our own. Can we recognize in the moment that it is an encounter with the Spirit or only in hindsight?

  • Date: Tuesdays Sept 24-Oct 22     Time: 7-9pm         Room: Sanctuary
    Leadership: Mark Green     
    Place: Campus CBUC

    In an increasingly polarized and divisive world, we need to begin to learn new skills and languages for bridging the gaps and ending the demonization of those whose perspectives are polar opposite of ours.  This is easier said than done however.  Six leading theologians and thinkers will help us explore this broad topic through a video series designed to get us talking and thinking differently about differences.

    Session one: Toward the Other with Brian McLaren
    Session two: Honor Everyone with Miroslav Volf
    Session three: The Ultimate Embrace with Bishop Mano Rumalshah
    Session four: The Very Good Gospel with Lisa Sharon Harper
    Session five: Kinship and Kingdom with Father Greg Boyle

  • Date: Wednesdays
    Time: 2pm-3pm           Place: Campus St. Aidan’s
    Leadership: Cheryl Black   cheryl.black@outlook.com      Room: Chapel

    This midweek gathering is designed to be interactive, educational and entertaining. The group meets in the chapel for an alternative worship experience including a brief opening, singing beloved old hymns and talking together. There is time to visit with old friends and make new ones. Contact St. Aidan’s office if you need a ride to this gathering.

  • Date: Last Saturday of the Month (Sept 2019-Apr 2020)
    Leadership: Mark Green                        Time: 7-10pm
    Place: Campus CBUC                           Room: Sanctuary

    Join others to watch full length feature films that help us explore this year’s theme: FINDING OUR WAY through the lens of cinema. Each month a different film is featured, we watch it together and then have a discussion to help us bring out the nuances, meaning and learnings from each film. Snacks and beverages are provided.

  • Date: Tuesdays starting Sept 4, 2019                Leadership: Cheryl Black
    Time: 10:30am – 11:30am
    Place: Campus St. Aidan’s

    This is for you if you:

    1. Want to help with the Sunday Reflection?
    2. Are interested in the Ancient Stories of Scripture?

    All are welcome to attend this small group discussion

  • Date: Wednesdays (1st & 3rd of the month)
    Leadership: Janis Evans (250-383-1956   rjevans1@telus.net)
    Place: 1st (member’s home) & 3rd Campus St. A

    St. Aidan’s Bookworms is a small group that reads and discusses two or three books a year, exploring spirituality and contemporary religious concepts. We welcome new members or visitors who would like to drop in.

  • Date: 3rd Tues of each month
    Time: 2:00pm                      Room: Lounge
    Leadership: Jim Pearce
    Place: Campus CBUC

    This group of men take turns suggesting titles and together they discuss a book, its theme and its impact on their lives and the world around them. The group meets in the lounge on the 3rd Tues of each month. Come and join the discussion and have a cup of coffee!

  • Date: Tuesdays Oct 29, Nov 5, 12, 19, 2019                    Leadership: Margaret Harper
    Time: 7pm – 8:30pm                                                           Room: Sanctuary
    Place: Campus CBUC

    It has been said that if we want to grow as a person and learn, it is important to realize that the universe has enrolled us in the graduate program of life called loss. When we embrace the lessons of love and loss, we are able to come face to face with all that touches us in the deepest spaces of our hearts and souls. When we have the courage to offer this gift to ourselves, we create a space for healing, wholeness, forgiveness and peace.

    Over the course of four evening sessions, participants will have the opportunity to safely and confidentially explore the complexity of issues and feelings that result from being plunged into the world of grief and loss. Our time together will include ample time for learning, giving and receiving support as well as personal grief work, all within a safe and supportive environment


  • Date: 1st Tuesday afternoon of the month (except Dec)
    Place: Local movie theatre & restaurant
    Leadership: Betty Anne Dempsey (bettyanned@yahoo.com)

    Meet at the theatre to watch a movie together  at University Heights Theatre and then go out for dinner to discuss the movie afterwards. Movies TBA in the St. Aidan’s weekly newsletter (Life & Work) Contact Betty Anne for details or read it in St. Aidan’s weekly newsletter.

  • Date: Tuesdays Jan 14- Feb 11, 2020                 Time: 7-9pm
    Leadership: Mark Green                                     Room: Sanctuary
    Place: Campus CBUC

    This 5 session series will explore some of the big questions often encountered on the Spiritual Journey or in conversation about the Spiritual Journey.  Are we human bodies with a spirit or spiritual beings within a body?  Can we be Spiritual and Religious or is Religious a problematic concept?  What does it mean to be a follower of the way of Jesus?  Can Christianity be saved or has it been too badly damaged by fundamentalism?  These questions and more will be explored together

  • Dates: Tuesdays Mar 3-31, 2020                Time: 7-9pm                         Leadership: Mark Green              Room: Sanctuary                                      Place: Campus CBUC

    During the Season of Lent, we are invited to slow ourselves down and engage in some intentional Spiritual Practices to reconnect ourselves with the spirit within. There are an abundant of Spiritual Practices and many people have ones that they engage in regularly even if they haven’t identified them as such. Over the 5 weeks, we will both engage in a number of Spiritual Practices and talk about ways to turn some of our routines into a Spiritual Practice. An orientation to a variety of practices, an experience of that practice and an opportunity to reflect with others about the experience will all be part of the 5-week series. Labyrinth, chanting, prayer beads, lectio, guided mediation and journaling are just a few of the practices we will explore.

  • Contact: Jim Upright  250-479-1101
    Place: Campus St. A

    Meet every 2 months for dinner or fundraising.

Healing Ministry

  • Date: 1st 3rd & 4th Monday Evening at 7pm @ every 2nd Monday Afternoon at 1:00pm
    Room: Sanctuary
    Place: Campus CBUC   (250-477-2715 to book an appointment)
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    Qualified volunteers from both St. Aidan’s and CBUC offer healing sessions to members of the congregation and the wider community. Please call the church office(s) to make an appointment.

    What do we mean by healing?: Healing is a term that indicates the process of restoring harmony and wholeness to body, mind and spirit.

    What is the Healing Pathway Ministry?

    The Mission of the Healing Pathway Ministry within the United Church of Canada is:

    ~ To renew the Church’s role in healing
    ~ To reach out to those in need to healing in body, mind and/or spirit
    ~ To encourage its practitioners in their persona, Spirit-centered healing journey.

  • This is a ministry where those who knit help to create a prayer shall in an intention mindful and prayerful way that is shared with those who are in the midst of a hard time.  With the shawl wrapped around them, they can know that our prayers are with them and God’s love surrounds them.   If you wish to be a part of this ministry, call the church office(s) and we will put you in touch with the coordinator

  • Date: Sun Dec 15th   Time: 7pm
    Room: Sanctuary      Place: Campus CBUC

    This quiet gentle advent service is an opportunity to find peace and healing through the power of ritual, quiet reflection and song. Christmas can be a difficult time for many people for a variety of reasons: grief, loss, anxiety, regret and feelings of being overwhelmed can alter ones experience of the season. Join others for this quiet service of healing and hope.

Children, Youth & Young Adults

  • Date: Sunday Mornings     Time: 10am
    Place: Campus CBUC

    Babies, kids, tweens, and youth all start worship together with the rest of the congregation. You will experience song, story, prayer and children’s conversation in the first part of worship.  After children’s conversation, the tots, kids, and youth transition to their spaces to explore, create, play and experience sacred biblical story and activities. We strive to create a safe environment that respects the needs of children, honours their spiritual curiosity, and engages their hearts, minds and their bodies. Each month is a new theme, a biblical story, and different activities to explore the teachings of Jesus and how children can link the sacred story to things that happen in their everyday. Pat, Josh, Leah, Heather & Alexander meet the children and youth where they are at on their faith journeys and are excited to explore with them.

  • Date: Sunday Mornings     Room: Nursery
    Place: Campus CBUC

    Tots Konnect gathers in the nursery on Sunday mornings after children’s time to play, discover, create and have time together with one another.  This space is available for children who are
    0-3yrs of age.

  • Date: Sunday Mornings       Room: Library/Hall
    Place: Campus CBUC       

    This primary program is geared towards pre-schoolers and kindies that are a part of our congregation.   We have created a P&K curriculum that is engaging, respects the developmental needs for 3-5-year-olds, and allows preschool and kindergarten children to learn through movement, play, and kinesthetic activities. This group will follow the same biblical story and themes as Kids Konnect, Youth Konnect, and the congregation. There will be opportunities for the P&K’s to engage with the other children on Sunday mornings!

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  • Date: Sunday Mornings       Room: Lounge
    Place: Campus CBUC

    This is is a safe place for kids of all ages, gender identities and abilities. Staff and volunteers make every effort to make sure that this is a welcoming space for all children. Grade 1-4’s can expect to have programming that is relevant to their lives, unpacks biblical text and story and looks at Jesus’ teachings. The curriculum is created monthly to coincide with the same biblical story and theme the youth and congregation explore. Children can expect to have fun, learn through play and movement, and explore their spiritual curiosity.

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  • Date: Sunday Mornings       Room: Youth Rm
    Place: Campus CBUC

    Youth Konnect will meet upstairs and is available for those in Grades 5-8 and 9-12.  Sunday mornings will consist of gathering with one another, exploring biblical theme and deepening our faith in safe community. Be prepared for enriching, engaging and a chill-out space where youth can be youth.

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  • Date: Sunday Mornings     Time:10am – 11:15am
    Room: Sanctuary              Place: Campus St. A

    St. Aidan’s offers programming for children of all ages and stages that allows them: to experience God, to freely explore all their child-wise questions, and to have fun and make friends! If you want to find a quiet place, our family room is located at the front of the sanctuary and has a change table, washroom and play area. On Sunday mornings, children ages 2 and up meet at the children’s table in the sanctuary. Following Children’s Time and Kid’s Band (impromptu) during the service, our Children’s Ministry Leaders will gather them up for Sunday School in the church hall.

    St. A’s Sunday children’s ministry is an interactive, adventure-based learning program that brings the stories of our faith to life in real and memorable ways.  We want the children to leave church with questions, energy and inspiration! Therefore, dance, drama, music, visual arts, story-telling, games, prayer and laughter will all provide avenues through which the children may glimpse the spirit of God moving in their lives.   

  • Date: Mondays (except stats)           Time: 9:30am-11:30am
    Room: Lower Hall                            Place: Campus St. A
    Leadership: Jean Margison (jean@jampot.ca)

    St. Aidan’s invites children (5yrs and under) & their caregivers to enjoy play, snack & circle time together. There is no cost for this fun interactive time.

  • Date: Wednesdays starting Sept 11   Time: 9:30am-11am
    Room: Hall         Place: Campus CBUC

    This is a place for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to socialize while watching their children playing, developing and socializing. Coffee is available at no cost and a snack for the little one is also free

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  • Date: March 16-20, 2020              Time:9am – 3pm
    Leadership: Mark Green & Friends
    Cost:$160 per child (please bring a lunch)
    Place: Campus CBUC

    For the first week of Spring Break come spend the day with us creating a dynamic musical with performances on Fri the 20th and Sat the 21st at 7pm. Together we will learn the musical score, create sets, learn lines and engage in dramatic roles. Each year is a different theme and line up of music and we’ve been going for 12 years now. Included in our time together is also the playing of games and a swim time. For those who have been involved in the musical before and are 13 years and up, there is a Junior Leader opportunity as well. Registration begins January 2020.

    Click here more information on the camp 

  • Date: 1st & 3rd Fridays (usually)
    Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm                  Room: Hall / Youth Rm
    Leadership: Pat McKay          Place: Campus CBUC

    Be prepared for an exciting evening full of games, community building, laughter, and fun. A community is built, questions of faith are explored, exciting games and activities are to be had.  We eat together, we pray together, we laugh and wonder together and most of all build an amazing community. Jr. Youth meets twice a month, usually on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, please check the website. Friends are welcome to come and experience the excitement, and snack is always provided. 

    Click here more information 

  • Date: 1st & 3rd Sundays (usually)
    Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm                  Room: Hall
    Leadership: Pat McKay            Place: Campus CBUC

    Sr. Youth love getting together, being in community, discussing issues and themes relevant in their worlds. Sometimes we don’t figure it out; we just have a safe place to keep on talking about it. We meet bi-weekly, usually at CBUC and on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month from 7-9pm, please check the website. This youth group is for everyone: come as you are, come when you can, come with yourself or with friends

    Click here more information

  • Date: Various Sundays Sept – Apr
    Time: 11:30am – 1pm         Room: Hall      Place: Campus CBUC
    Leadership: Mark Green & Pat McKay

    Young Adults at CBUC is a community that seeks to connect spirituality, engage in community outreach, worship, and build community. We meet on various Sundays for lunch following worship. Come and fill your bellies, and to have a sneak peek at other ya’s in our community. If you are between the ages of 18-30ish, and are yearning for community that is welcoming, liberal, relaxed and unique, this is a place for you.  Other times to meet will be announced as the year unfolds, keep an eye on your email and on the YA Facebook page!

  • Date: Sept 14            Time: 7-10pm          Room: Hall           Cost: $10
    Place: Campus CBUC

    Don’t miss out on a chance to meet with friends old and new at our First Annual Beer-Fest start up night!  This evening will be a combination of music, soft pretzels and beer (and other non-alcoholic drinks) and lots of interaction in a beer garden type setting. This is a chance for those returning to Victoria from away, those new to Victoria and those who have hung around all summer to reunite as a group and catch up. $10 cover charge will provide you with a large soft pretzel, snacks and a beer. Additional beer can be purchased for $5 each. Non-alcoholic beverages will als be supplied and are included in that price. Watch the YA Facebook page and your email/text for more information and additional invitations.

Building Community

  • Dates: Every Thursday            Time: 10am-12pm          Place: Campus St. Aidan’s

    Open to all! We sit together once a week and work on our own craft projects. We share ideas and lots of laughs; come and join us! Some of us knit, some sew and some stencil signs and make jewelry. If this sounds like fun – come and give it a try.

  • Dates: 2nd Saturday night of each month
    Leadership: Carol Sidhu (carolsidhu@shaw.ca)
    Place: Campus St. A

    This social group of about 70 people meets most often at the church, for various activities such as a speaker, games, a play, a restaurant or outdoor activity. Everyone is warmly welcome! If you wish to attend contact either Carol or Val

  • Dates: 6 times per year
    Leadership: Janis & Ray Evans (250-383-1956)
    Place: Various Locations

    Strictly social, for any adult who enjoys a meal out with friendly people. Couples, singles, old-timers, newcomers are all welcome. We plan a get together about six times a year. There is no membership; the first 14 people to sign up are in, then it’s a waiting list. It’s usually supper at a restaurant; sometimes it’s a potluck at someone’s home

  • Dates: 2nd Sunday of the Month (Nov-Mar)
    Time: 12pm following worship        Place: Campus CBUC

    5 times during the winter season, join with others for a simple lunch of a warm bowl of soup and a bun. The homemade soups will warm your soul as will the conversations and stories shared with others at the end of coffee time and worship.

  • Date: December 4, 2019             Cost: $30.00                Room: Hall / Sanctuary
    Time: 5:30pm- 7pm                    Place: Campus CBUC


    Join us for our annual Ladies Christmas Dinner!  Each year we host women of all ages for a 3 course catered buffet followed by a short worship service.  Tickets are $30 each and will go on sale in November. At this meal we also collect winter items like gloves, mittens, scarves, toques, and monetary donations for Our Place.


  • Date: June 2020                  Place: Camp Pringle           Time: Fri night – Sun afternoon

    Each year we attempt to pull together families of all different configuration to spend a weekend in June at Camp Pringle, the United Church Camp for Vancouver Island.  2 years ago we joined with St Aidan’s and last year we added First Metropolitan into the mix. What happens this coming June is still in the planning and negotiation stages so watch out in January for a family camp brochure but try and leave your June as flexible as possible.

    The weekend is a low key experience on the shores of Shawnigan Lake. A variety of activities are available through the morning for different ages and configurations of people to choose from.   In the afternoon, the waterfront with lifeguards, canoes and kayaks are the usual focus while some others choose a hike or a nap to fill the time.  In the evenings are community building activities, campfire and singing.  Sunday morning we have church in the outdoor chapel as well as other intergenerational activities.  Friday night to Sunday afternoon is a great weekend and we hope you can join us.

Outreach & Justice

  • At CBUC our vision is to put the life of prayer into action in the world. Your giving’s to our General Fund include generous annual donations we make to our Outreach Partners. You can do more than just give…you can also serve and work for justice in our world. Opportunities for service in our church and local community can help heal the world in relevant and beneficial ways. Jesus’ mandate to take the gospel to the world starts right here with some of our partners.   

    Poverty & Homelessness – Pillar 1

     Our Place: serves the street family and has a volunteer coordinator who is willing to fit you into any one of a number of service areas that may be suited to your particular skill set. We also host a monthly movie night on the second Saturday of the month at the Downtown location.  You are welcome to get involved in a number of ways.

    Project Connect:  A yearly initiative with the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness is a service fair that connects those living in extreme poverty or on the streets with service providers and agencies.  There are a number of volunteer opportunities and we have also been asked to gather 400 + pairs of gloves, socks or toques to be distributed.   Culminates on Thanksgiving Sunday

    Refugees & Justice – Pillar 2

    Our community is in the midst of working with 1 refugee initiative, the reunification of a Palestinian/Syrian family we sponsored 3 years ago and one sister and family remain at risk overseas. We have already brought one at risk LGBQ person through the rainbow refugee umbrella group who was at risk of persecution and death for his orientation.  And we had a partnership with the Victoria Tibetan refugee group and brouht a small family of 3 here last year. Requests for help and funds are made from time to time and an educational opportunity is being planned for the new year.

    Care for the Earth – Pillar 3

    KAIROS , R.A.V.E.N. , Ancient Forrest Alliance: these are just a few of the organizations we partner with to care for and protect the earth and its resources.  The bulletin and newsletter provide invitations as they emerge for environmental action and events.

    CBUC Gardeners: with some dirt and a whole lot of fun-filled camaraderie you can help make this land in Cadboro Bay reflect the colours of heaven. Contact Eileen Campbell 250-477-4221

    BackDoor Recycling:“Touch the Earth Lightly” forces us to think green each month. Volunteers are needed to sort and pack our recyclables. Contact Eileen Campbell 250-477-4221

    First Nations Reconciliation & Relationship Building – Pillar 4

    We acknowledge that we live, work and pray on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish peoples and we are grateful for their stewardship of this land.  We seek as part of this acknowledgement, to study, learn and grapple with what it means to be in right relationship.  Our programs of Study and Justice are some of the ways we seek to do this. There are several First Nations organizations that we partner with and person we work with to continue taking seriously the recommendations from the TRC for reconciliation with our First Nations brothers and sisters.

    Click here for more information 

  • Each November, an opportunity is offered through OUR PLACE for you to purchase a gift for a member of the OUR PLACE family to receive at their Christmas party.  A tree in our entrance way will have cards with the age and gender of a person living on the streets and you are asked take one, purchase an appropriate gift, wrap it and return it with the card to the church. 

    This is a small way we can share a little Christmas each year.

  • St. Aidan’s provides a meal of soup, veggies and cookies to homeless youth, who use the Out of the Rain Night Shelter. Food preparations usually happens on the fourth Monday morning of the month from Oct – Mar.. If you want to help, contact Doreen Lovely 250-652-3641

  • St. Aidan’s has worked in partnership with other community groups to establish the kitchen in 2014. This community food resource centre is located at 3541 Shelbourne St. and provides support to people lacking healthy food and is a place where people can cook and share meals. There are lots of opportunities to help with fundraising, gardening and kitchen programs.  Contact Mary Lou Whidden (marylou0308@hotmail.com)

  • Dates: Wednesdays
    10am – 2pm & 4pm – 8pm Fourth Sat of the month open 10am-2pm
    Place: Campus St. A      
    Leadership: Sylvia Campbell (scampbell6@shaw.ca) & Betty Anne Dempsey (bettyanned@yahoo.ca) 4-8pm shift leader

    We call our Thrift Shop “The Friendly Octopus” because it reaches out to so many in our community. Our Thrift Shop supports care of the earth and works wisely to recycle, reuse, repair, and reduce. The Thrift Shop team is extremely proud of one of its main roles: to provide clean, appropriate clothing and usable items to various groups in the city including Our Place.

    We create a caring atmosphere for volunteers, donors and shoppers alike. New volunteers are always welcome and needed.

    Thrift Shop donations can be dropped off in the hall by the office when the building is open. Call St. Aidan’s office if you have a large volume of donations to drop off.

  • Leadership: Robin & Gian Polastri: gnrpolastri@comcast.net or Carol Munro: carol.munro20@yahoo.com

    Members of CBUC and St. Aidan’s, as well as other individuals, are part of a sponsorship group for Nader and his family who are Palestinian refugees, currently living in Thailand and Jordan, and looking for a permanent home in Canada.  Fundraising is underway this fall. Once the family arrives, help will be needed to arrange housing, dental and medical care, ESL classes, school enrollment, transportation, household set up, clothing and shopping, etc. Pledge forms are available at the church offices.

    Many hands make little work. Is your heart moved to be part of the team?

  • Date: Sunday September 29th 

    In the senate is currently a bill to recognize September 30th as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and be observed as a national holiday. While it won’t likely be passed through before that date arrives in 2019, as part of our ongoing commitment and participation in reconciliation we will be observing this day on Sunday Sept 29th. We are again asking the whole congregation to wear an orange shirt on that day as a sign of solidarity with the process and recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation committee and in recognition of the genocide we participated in with residential schools. The full story of Orange Shirt Day can be found here if you would like more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orange_Shirt_Day

  • Date: September 27                       Time: 12pm
    Place: Legislative Grounds          Organizer: Maureen Koch   maureenfkoch76@gmail.com

    From the page of Steve Heinrichs: “The youth and the poor of the earth have called us. We need churches to profess their love for God’s suffering creation by striking on September 27! Will St. Aidan’s be there? People all around the globe will be in the streets for the largest mass protests the world has ever seen. We’ve got to be present. We’ve got to be praying and embodying our deepest hopes by linking arms together with peoples of conscience for the sake of the common good. This will make a difference.” So please – get this on your calendar. www.ourearthourfuturevictoria.com Stay tuned for more details.

  • The Bible contains 2000 references to poverty and economic fairness.Chew on This! is a nation wide campaign raising public awareness about hunger, food insecurity and poverty in Canada and calls for the establishment of a national anti-poverty plan.  St. Aidan’s will be part of this on Oct 17 (Eradication of Poverty Day). We will hand out paper bags to passersby in the Shelbourne area, containing a postcard to be signed and mailed to the Prime Minister, along with a fact-filled magnet and an apple. Want to join this call for economic justice?  Contact Maureen Koch 250-388-9896

  • St. Aidan’s supplies meals on a short-term basis during illness or time or time of special need. If you would like to donate a casserole please contact Val Bauld 250-721-5962 valbauld@shaw.ca. If you would like to receive a casserole or recommend someone to receive a casserold contact Anne or Kathryn at St. Aidan’s office

  • Dates: 2nd Saturday of each month
    Place: Our Place Society – 909 Pandora  

     Every month a group of volunteers from CBUC hosts a movie and pizza night. A different configuration of volunteers coordinates picking up the movie, arranging for the food and beverages and being present to the community during the movie and in the time that follows for conversation and reflection. Contact 250-477-2715 to volunteer

Intercultural Ministry

  • The Intercultural Ministry at St. Aidan’s & CBUC welcomes newcomers to Canada, Victoria and to our 2 Campus’. We continue our work of love and educating the church community on intercultural issues. This season, we are hoping to bring some new experience encouraging more integration between the local community and the newcomers of diversity. Email Julie to receive email updates of events.

    Program Leadership: Julie Ng nghongkong@hotmail.com.hk

  • Date: 1st Sun of the month at 12 pm       Place: Campus St. A

    Everyone is welcome to join our intercultural lunch at St. Aidan’s. Food has been a popular way to explore and learn about a culture. This season, we will organize our lunches at St. Aidan’s by inviting friends and chefs of different ethnic background to cook for us. The fee ranges from $15-20 per person depending on the menu. There will be limited seats available, so pre-registration will be required. Email Julie nghongkong@hotmail.com.hk or St. A office to register.

  • Date:  2nd Sun of the month after worship @ Campus CBUC
    Everyone is invited to enjoy a light lunch at 11:30am before the workshop at CBUC.
    Time: 12:15pm -2 pm

    Date: 3rd Sun of the month after worship @ Campus St. A
    Everyone is invited to bring a cultural dish to share at 11:30am before the workshop at St. Aidan’s.

    You can explore the world in your own city by joining our workshops. The mini-workshop encourages intercultural integration through exploration of cultural understanding. The workshop provides a safe place for people who are open to diversity to ask questions, voice out their cultural expressions, and share insights.  The mini-workshops are hosted by Julie Ng-Leung on two Sundays each month.

  • Date: Thursdays                              Time: 2:30pm-4pm
    Place: Campus St. A.           
    Leadership: Cheryl Black/Julie Ng

    We all go through our own learning curve living in a new city. The Conversation Session aims to create more opportunity for newcomers to learn from each other through their different experience. The Conversations could include tips about the transit system, the health system, cross-Canada travel, buying a property, rental rights, etc. etc. A chance for everyone to share and learn from one another about living in Victoria and other parts of the world.

  • Date: Thursdays                  Time: 2:30pm-5:pm
    Place: Campus St. A.

    We all know that exercise is good for your health. Doing exercise and laughing with a few people is even healthier. While the table is available for everyone when the room is not in use, you are invited to drop in on Thursdays to play, watch and visit with one another

Fun Fundraisers

  • Date: Nov 2, 2019      Time: 10am – 3pm
    Place: Campus St. A
    Coordinators: Marilyn Smith 250-479-5676 tony.f.smith@shaw.ca

    A bazaar the size of ours does not happen overnight. It takes months of preparation. We need your help. There are jobs year round preparing for the big day as well as help with selling at the bazaar itself.  Check out the bazaar page at www.staidansunited.ca

    Help us spread the word about this wonderful sale day. Let you family, coworkers, friends, and neighbours know that it’s a great place to donate a myriad of items and an even better place to find wonderful bargains for themselves or gift-giving. Contact one of our coordinators if you can help or would like more information.

  • Date: Nov 29 – Dec 1               Room: Chapel   Place: Campus St. A
    Leadership: Mary Kennedy (makenn@uvic.ca)

    Opening (with live music) Friday Nov 29th from 5-7pm; Family Time (exhibition and Advent wreath making) Sat Dec 1 from 1-3pm; Exhibition and free concert by Victoria Children’s Choir Sun Dec 2 from 11-1pm

Music Ministry

  • Date: Thursdays Time: 7:30pm – 8:30pm  Room: Lounge
    Leadership: Louise Rose     Place: Campus CBUC

    Join others who have a desire to sing, lead and be nurtured in the presence of others who find music to be a spiritual practice. The time together includes reflection on the words and meanings of the songs chosen for each week, opportunities to practice both melody and harmony to provide congregational leadership during the singing and occasional special music to be shared as a gift to the congregation. All are welcome. No experience necessary.

  • If you like music and singing you will like the choral singing at St. Aidan’s. You will find a supportive community where music is fun and the folk amazing. Also, there is nothing quite as wonderful (or important) as leading music in worship. Please come join us!

    Cantamus Sunday Choir
    Date: Thursdays    Time: 5:00pm -6:30pm
    Room: Sanctuary 
    Leadership: Dr. Adam Con (Sept&Oct)  (music@staidansunited.ca)
    Place: Campus St. A                  

    Leads music at the 1st three Sunday Services of the month and special occasions

    Ted Boulden Singers Choir

    Date: Thursdays starting Sept 6th    Time: 6:30pm – 8pm
    Room: Sanctuary                      Place: Campus St. A            
    Leadership: Kelly Orr-Loney 250-658-4275

    Ted Boulden Singers (TBS) is a choir of all ages that sings contemporary Christian folk music in four-part harmony with guitar and/or piano accompaniment. We lead the music of the 4th Sunday Service of each month, as well as a number of occasions throughout the year.

  • Date: Sun Dec 15th        Time: 7pm            Room: Sanctuary
    Place: Campus St. A    Mary Kennedy (makenn@uvic.ca)

    This celebratory evening features choirs and community singing. Young and old will delight in the music of the season

  • Date: Wednesdays
    Time: 5:30pm – 6:15pm
    Room: Chapel
    Leadership: Dr. Mary Kennedy (makenn@uvic.ca)
    Place: Campus St. A

    This choir is FREE and open to all children ages 5-11. The children learn songs, play games, listen to stories and sing in church on the 3rd Sunday of every month. For more information, contact Mary @ makenn@uvic.ca