About Us

At Cadboro Bay United we strive to bring life to our worship and 17097943_1147340375364048_8232062761594312414_o worship into our lives. Sunday services are rich with coffee, children, music, laughter and song. The weekly message offers a relevant, contemporary perspective on Christianity; it challenges us to grow our capacity to act with love, caring, compassion, generosity, acceptance and justice towards all.

!cid_425BC1DF-7CBD-4A96-87CD-5C16714ED5AD@gv_shawcableChildren play a big part in the life of our Church. We value their presence and believe that their actions and words (however loud!) help point the way. Working with our teachers, our minister provides hands-on leadership in a Sunday school program that celebrates creativity, energy, and families learning and having fun together.

Spiritual growth, personal healing and social transformation are also important to us. The programs and activities we sponsor reflect an emphasis on finding thoughtful and authentic ways to live out one’s faith. In small groups and as individuals, we support one another on the journey that is life.  In community, we challenge ourselves to ask the tough questions as they relate to critical issues like the environment, global politics, or local poverty. We recognize that we don’t have all the answers, but with diverse voices at the table, the way ahead is clearer.

Here at Cadboro Bay United Church, everyone is a seeker, looking for ways of being in the world that are useful, healthy, and appreciative of life’s gifts. Whether you’re a child, an elder or an “in-between”, in this faith community you will be given many opportunities to connect and come alive to the presence of God.

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