Building Rentals

Welcome to CBUC where hospitality and welcoming are an important part of our ministry.

We have several types of spaces available for rent, the availability of the space depends on the church’s use of the space and prior rentals.

Sanctuary:  The Sanctuary can hold 180-200 people sitting down.  The chairs can be removed or moved around to suit your event’s needs; however they must be returned to the configuration they were in when you rented the facility.  No food is allowed in the sanctuary under any circumstances.  Food and beverages can be served in the Narthex (foyer) or Hall, if you rent those spaces to do so.  Beverages are allowed in the Sanctuary but the user group shall be responsible for any clean-up of spills.

Hall: The hall is 62.6ft by 66.8ft large and has a fire rated capacity of 351 people.  We find that you can seat comfortably approximately 200 people with tables.  The church can supply up to 120 chairs for use.  We have 35 – 6ft tables that can be rented for use as well. This space is currently rented for things like ballroom dance, martial arts and children’s birthday parties. If you’re considering making a booking, contact the office as soon as possible to determine availability.

Lounge:  The lounge is perfect for a meeting or seminar where there will be 20 people or fewer.  You have use of the chairs and tables that are already in the lounge. The piano in the lounge is not for rental use.

Youth Room: The youth room is a bright room upstairs in the church.  The space has a sink in it and a bathroom located downstairs from it.  Currently the space is used for several yoga and meditation groups.

Narthex: The narthex is a bright open space and also the entry to the sanctuary.  It is perfect for small workshops, luncheons or meeting space.

Restrictions: There is to be no smoking or alcohol without a permit on the premises. If you wish to decorate the hall for your event we ask that you use removable painter’s tape instead of tacks or nails on the walls.  Under no circumstance can anything be taped or nailed to the floor in the Hall.  Decorating of the Sanctuary is to be discussed with the Administrator prior to your event.  We ask that you pay close attention to “carrying” tables and chairs (not dragging) in order to preserve the life of the hall floor and to help us maintain our building. All our rental spaces are rented on a per hour basis and the cost of GST is additional.  You are also required to obtain your own liability insurance (most times a rider can be acquired from your house insurance) and be advised that there is a custodial fee of $50 per rental to cover the cost of cleaning the bathrooms, washing floors, etc.

To book rental space in our facility, or to find out about rental fees, please contact Meghan Vaughan at 250-477-2715 or