Giving Back

With open doors, hearts and minds, our faith community is always looking for new ways to build a more just world, a world based on right relationship.

Right with Divine Wisdom, right with the earth, and right with one another – that’s what we’re striving for when we reach out beyond the walls of CBUC.  Compassionate people like you, ready to put your faith into action, enable us to respond appropriately and hopefully to the critical issues of our time.

We’ve chosen to focus our Justice work in four main areas:

  • Reconciliation with First Nations
  • Welcoming Refugees
  • Ending Poverty
  • Healing the Earth
A perce94 calls to action first nationsntage of all financial donations to CBUC are automatically allotted to justice-making and community projects. So when you make a donation to CBUC, you are also making a donation that will make a difference in the lives of many other people.  As well, every United Church contributes annually to the national church’s Mission and Service Fund.  This fund is how we collectively respond to our United Church’s creed to love and to serve others. With the approximately 30 million dollars this fund raises every year, we are able to make a difference around the globe.

Recognizing the growing need to welcome refugees to Canada, CBUC now has a standing refugee support committee that will enable us to regularly welcome refugee families to Victoria. This is what faith in action looks like!

At CBUC we are opening doors by partnering with other local organizations engaged in creating a community where all are welcomed and valued. Relationship- that’s really what it’s all about…

Here’s how we do it:

• Through direct financial contributions which are generated from your financial gifts to our community
• Through donations of time and talent such as serving dinner at Our Place or making soup for a campus student meditation group
• By making donations of clothing, toiletries, food and other items needed by low-income people in Victoria on a regular and as-needed basis
• By individuals like you initiating outreach/justice projects which our community then supports.