Healing Pathway Ministry

The Healing Pathway Ministry is a noninvasive procedurehealingpathwayslogo practised by trained team members, using “healing touch” techniques adapted for this United Church programme. The most common effect is a sense of profound peace and relaxation that may alleviate the pain of muscle tension from the temporary and even longtime stresses of life. The Healing Pathway practitioner serves as a vessel or conduit of God’s grace and healing energy. Practitioners are not the source of the healing energy; they are merely the instrument. The aim of healing is to restore balance and harmony within the energy system and thus enable the self-healing of the individual.
The foundation of the program lies in the long tradition of healing within the Christian faith. Healing is not just something Jesus and the early Christians did, it is an expression of the deeper realities of faith, compassion, forgiveness and caring for one another. The intention to be fully present with another in God’s unconditional love, creates the opportunity for healing. For early Christians, healing was part of what it meant to be a follower of Jesus, and the Healing Pathway is built on those ancient roots.

Started by Rochelle Graham, a Healing Touch practitioner, the Healing Pathway program was centred at the United Church of Canada’s Naramata Centre in BC from 1993 until 2015, when it became an incorporated society. In that time, training for practitioners has expanded across Canada. Today over 100 congregations, have Healing Pathway ministries.  For more information, go here: http://healingpathway.ca

   Date: Every Monday from September – June
   Time: 7:00pm (except for the 2nd Mon of the month when appointments are offered at 1:00pm)
   Place: Sanctuary