Konnect 4

Babies, kids, tweens, and youth all start worship together with the rest of the congregation. You will experience song, story, prayer and children’s conversation in the first part of worship.  After children’s conversation, the tots, kids and youth transition to their spaces to explore, create, play and experience scared biblical story and activities. We strive to create a safe environment that respects the needs of children, honours their spiritual curiosity, and engages their hearts, minds and bodies. Each month is a new theme, a biblical story, and difference activities to explore the teachings of Jesus and how children can link the sacred story to things that happen in their everyday life. Pat, Josh, Leah, Heather & Alexander meet the children and youth where they are at on their faith journeys and are excited to explore with them! 

Tots Konnect – Newborn – 3 years

Dates: Sunday Mornings
Place: Nursery

Tots Konnect gathers in the nursery on Sunday mornings after children’s time to play, discover, create and have time together with one another.  This space is available for children who 0-3yrs of age. 

PK’s Konnect – 3 years to 5 years

Date: Sunday Mornings
Room: Library/Hall

This primary program is new this year for CBUC and is exciting as more pre-schoolers and kindies are a part of our congregation.  We have created a P&K curriculum that is engaging, respects the developmental needs for 3-5-year-olds, and allows preschool and kindergarten children to learn through movement, play, and kinesthetic activities. This group will follow the same biblical story and themes as Kids Konnect, Youth Konnect, and the congregation. There will be opportunities for the P&K’s to engage with the other children on Sunday mornings!

Kids Konnect – Grades 1-4

Date: Sunday Mornings
Place: Lounge

This is a safe place for kids of all ages, gender identities and abilities. Staff and volunteers make every effort to make sure that this is a welcoming space for all children. Grade 1-4’s can expect to have programming that is relevant to their lives, unpacks biblical text and story and look at Jesus’ teachings. The curriculum is created monthly to coincide with the same biblical story and theme the youth and congregation explore. Children can expect to have fun, learn through play and movement, and explore their spiritual curiosity

Other programs that we offer for children:

Youth Konnect  – Grades 5-12

Date: Sunday MorningsPlace: Youth Room

Youth Konnect will meet upstairs and is available for those in Grades 5-8 and 9-12.  Sunday mornings will consist of gathering with one another, sharing food, exploring biblical theme and deepening our faith in safe community. Be prepared for enriching, engaging and a chill-out space where youth can be youth.  

We also offer programs outside of Sunday, of course, so check out these options too.