Messy Church

Dates: TBA
Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Leadership: Jes Beckerley & Mark Green


We welcome you for a time for children and their parents, older siblings, grandparents  and others to have an alternative church experience together.  Our time together will include singing and ritual,  some messy crafts and games and finishing with a child friendly meal.  All are welcome and there is No Cost!

This is a “church” experience different from what you might find on Sunday Mornings.  In response to parental requests, we have created an experiences that parents and children can do together. This is a time for laughter, learning together and simply experiencing the Holy in relationships. 

!cid_987A0F0A-FE15-4357-8E1E-6F91E7358175@gv_shawcableWe know that each child is special and each child comes with a variety of special needs.  You and your child are welcome here just as you are.  We welcome participation from all backgrounds, all family configurations and all special needs designations.  In this church, everyone is unique and their gifts and contributions, struggles and joys are embraced.  There are lots of entry points for everyone to find a place at the table. If  there is some way we can make this easier for you or your child to enter into the experience, please let us know.